ALTO ZEPHYR ZMX862 6-Channel Compact Audio Mixer


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The Alto's ZEPHYR ZMX862 is a 6-channel, 2-bus perfect mixer with ample inputs, outputs, routing, and EQ for more exciting live performance. It offers two microphone inputs, each with phantom power, a three-band EQ, two aux, and two-track inputs for audio playback purposes. Even better, it is verified with its small design and characterized by phantom energy for ultra-low-noise discrete mic preamps. This compact analog mixer also comes with color coding and color knobs which are convenient for you to see clearly even in the dim space.

  • 18V phantom power
  • Low-noise operation
  • Ideal for small groups or sub-mixes with the increased channel count
  • 1/4" TRS balanced jack for instrument devices
  • High headroom circuitry with extra dynamic range

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