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This vocal dynamic microphone was designed, engineered, built, tested, and sold by Audix in the USA. It was originally introduced in 1985 as the OM1. This microphone is used for a variety of different stage, studio, and broadcast applications. The OM11 is known for its crisp, clear vocal sound, resistance to feedback, and ability to handle high SPLs without distortion. In order to isolate vocals from background noise, the OM11 dynamic microphone is designed with a tight, uniformly controlled hyper-cardioid polar pattern. Even at very high volumes on stage, the microphone's response is designed to cut through the mix, providing a richer present and articulation to the vocals. In addition to being extremely quiet when handling, the OM11 has a comfortable grip and is comfortable to hold. 

  • Hyper-cardioid Polar Pattern
  • Originally introduced as OM1
  • Has high volumes on stage
  • Comfortable to hold
  • Including microphone clip and carrying pouch 

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