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For live performances, studio applications, and broadcast, Audix's OM6 dynamic vocal microphone is a popular choice. As well as offering a broad frequency response, full-bodied sound reproduction, and resistance to feedback, the OM6 microphone is capable of handling SPLs up to 144 dB without distortion. In order to isolate vocals, the OM6 has a tight, uniformly controlled hyper-cardioid pattern. This dynamic microphone is constructed with condenser-like properties, with a smooth, rising response between 2 kHz - 10 kHz and a flat, fully extended bass response from 60 Hz - 1 kHz. Due to its extremely tailored mid-range, the OM6 hyper-cardioid dynamic vocal microphone is an excellent choice for broadcast and live recording.

  • Hypercardioid Polar Pattern
  • Suitable for both live performance and studio recording
  • Wide frequency of responses
  • Tight and uniformly

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