BEHIRNGER PM1 Personal In Ear Monitor Belt Pack


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The Behringer's PM1 allows in-ear users to move freely. This tiny, battery-free audio accessories allow you to control the volume of your in-ear headphones from your hip. From the smooth volume pot to the overbuilt metal chassis and belt clip. It also further comes with locking XLR input, which keeps foot traffic and stage mishaps from disconnecting your monitor. Even better, the Behringer Powerplay PM1 drives in-ears, headphones, or earbuds via a normal 3.5mm output port.

  • In-ear users regain their freedom of mobility
  • Designed for vocalists, instrumentalists, and public speakers who enjoy experimenting on stage
  • The smooth volume control is built to last
  • The stage is protected by a tough metal enclosure
  • The PM1 is secured to your person via a belt clip
  • In-ear monitors, earbuds, and headphones can all be used with the 3.5mm output connection
  • Unbalanced stereo XLR input is locked to prevent stage mishaps

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