BEHIRNGER XD80USB 8 Piece Electronic Drum Set With 175 Sounds, 15 Drum Sets And USB/MIDI Interface


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The Behringer's XD80USB is a drum module that comes with a rack, hardware, and the HDS240USB drum module's outstanding sound. With dual-zone pads, 12" cymbals, a hi-hat trigger pedal, and a complete kick drum kit that includes the pedal, pad, and stand, this audio accessories are more expressive than ever. This Behringer's XD80USB electronic drum kit further with 15 drum sets and 175 sounds, offers an economical entry into the realm of electronic drums.

  • 8-piece electronic drum set with sound module HDS240USB
  • There are ten factory presets and five user-programmable drum sets
  • Easy operation thanks to a large LCD and an icon-driven user interface
  • Any virtual instrument and drum software can be connected via USB and MIDI ports (not included)
  • High Definition Sampling (HDS) technology creates a realistic drumming experience
  • There are 175 studio-quality drum, cymbal, and percussion sounds in this pack
  • Trigger pads and cymbals that feel realistic and play naturally
  • Snare and tom pads have dual zones for drum head and rim playing techniques
  • Crash and ride cymbals with two zones for the bell and rim playing
  • To play along with your iPod*, iPhone*, iPad*, or MP3 player, use the audio input
  • Play-along practice and performance with the built-in sequencer
  • Tracks written by professionals include a wide range of musical styles
  • For a natural dynamic response, all sounds are velocity-sensitive

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