BEHRINGER B112MP3 12" 1000W Powered Speaker


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The Behringer's B112MP3 is a self-contained PA system that combines cutting-edge 1,000-Watt Class-D power amp technology with an integrated 2-channel mixer, built-in wireless microphone capabilities, a high-performance MP3 player, and excellent mobility. This powered speaker further comes with SMPS (Switch Mode Power Supply) technology, which of it helps to prevent overheating. With the wireless-ready design, this B112MP3 speaker provides you with the freedom and convenience to use.

  • Included is a high-performance MP3 player for playing music files from a USB stick
  • System management and speaker protection are provided via a 2-band EQ and an integrated sound processor
  • Large horn with ultra-wide dispersion
  • Flexible trapezoidal design allows for alternative positioning
  • Handles are ergonomically built for easy carrying and setup
  • Allow inbuilt mixing capability

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