BEHRINGER B208D 8" 200W Powered Speaker


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The Behringer's B208D is a powered speaker aimed to deliver powerful sound at an affordable cost. It delivers a punch while remaining portable, boasting an exceptional power-to-weight ratio and built-in sound processing. With its cabinet design, the B208D is also used as a stage monitor. It further works well as a single speaker PA system for public address or background music by plugging in a microphone or music player. Even better, this speaker also comes with built-in technology to avoid overloading so you'll always receive a constant sound.

  • 200 watts with constructed 8'' custom drivers
  • Low weight, high power
  • DSP built-in
  • Power-to-weight ratio but transportable PA
  • Built-in signal processing to improve audio quality
  • Class D amplifiers for efficiency and dependability
  • Utilized as a stage monitor with its angled form

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