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The Behringer's DI600P is a passive direct injection box that allows you to connect a guitar, bass, or keyboard to your mixer directly. This Signal Processors with parallel 14'' in and out connectors let you plug in your instrument and deliver the same signal to your onstage amplifier, while the XLR output delivers a balanced output to your mixer. Even better, the high-performance OT-2 transformer of this DI600P also ensures the highest level of signal integrity.

  • High-performance passive direct box in a small package
  • 1/4" TS in and 1/4" TS out XLR output with gold plating
  • Super-flat frequency output ensures that the sound is uncolored
  • A filter that can be switched on and off to optimize the DI for guitars
  • For feeding amplifiers into the DI, the Instrument/Amp switch reduces the input level by 30 dB
  • Provides instrument impedance and signal matching to mixers
  • Ideal for use on stage and in the studio
  • The ground lift switch eliminates vexing grounding concerns
  • The tough metal case can withstand the rigours of the road

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