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The Behringer's FBQ3102HD is a graphic equalizer that enters the realm of high-definition audio, offering extensive capabilities FBQ Feedback Detection System. This signal processor also come with clever circuitry that recognizes feedback frequencies instantly by utilizing an ultra-fast feedback detection method. The LED on the associated EQ fader glows will then indicate the fader to lower the feedback.

  • A 31-band stereo graphic equalizer for live and studio use
  • The FBQ Feedback Detection system locates issue frequencies rapidly
  • The 4580 dual op-amps have low noise and good sound quality
  • The Planet Earth switching power supply produces noise-free audio, excellent transient response, and low power usage
  • A dedicated mono subwoofer output with a variable crossover frequency is provided
  • Unwanted frequencies are tamed with sweepable highpass (low-cut) and lowpass (high-cut) filters on each channel
  • The 12-segment LED meter and input gain knobs make it simple to establish settings
  • During a power outage, a relay-controlled hard-bypass with an auto-bypass function is activated
  • Inputs and outputs are servo-balanced, featuring 1/4" TRS and gold-plated XL connectors

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