BEHRINGER HA8000 V2 Headphone Amplifier


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The Behringer's HA8000 is an 8-channel mixer with outstanding performance, routing, and mixing functions to satisfy even the most discerning ears. Individual performers can have a more personalized monitoring mix with two independent stereo main inputs and a dedicated direct input for each channel. This audio accessories allowed up to 16 pairs of headphones for listening to 8 different mixes at the same time with a 14" phone output per channel.

  • The 8 independent direct inputs can be used to produce up to 8 individual stereo mixes
  • There are 8 stereo amplifier pieces in just one rack space
  • The toroidal transformer is extremely silent and produces very little magnetic interference
  • An 8-digit LED output meter for each amp section prevents clipping
  • Two stereo main inputs can be used to distribute two different mixes
  • You may acquire high-quality components and a highly strong framework at a very low price

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