BEHRINGER HO66 Stereo Headphones 3 Multipack


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The Behringer's HO66 is a headphone that delivers exceptional high-resolution sound at a price that is well within everyone's budget. This audio monitoring headphones include everything you need for a pleasant listening experience. The ergonomically constructed ear cups allow you to listen to music for lengthy periods of time without becoming tired or uncomfortable.

  • Three wide-frequency headphones in a value package
  • Comfortable and light enough to be worn for long periods of time
  • Soft ear cups and an adjustable headband come standard with this on-ear, supra-aural design
  • 6' (2 m) single-sided cable with 1/4" (6.3 mm) adaptor
  • Performance has been improved for usage with both professional and consumer audio devices
  • Germany designed

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