BEHRINGER K8 8" 150W Studio Monitor Speaker - Pair


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The Behringer's K8 is a bespoke glass fiber powered speaker cone to deliver strong bass and distinct mids, as well as smooth mids via the silk dome tweeter. For decades, Sweetwater Sales Engineers have been aware of the superior sound. This speaker also comes with 150 watts of power and a bi-amped design for a crystal clear sound.

  • Active studio monitors with an 8" low-frequency driver and a 1" high-frequency driver
  • Keith R. Klawitter, creator and master designer of KRK, invented a glass fiber speaker cone
  • The bi-amped 150-watt design delivers robust and clean sound
  • With the LF, HF, and Room Compensation EQ controls, you may fine-tune the response to your individual room
  • With XLR, TRS, and RCA inputs, it's simple to incorporate into any system

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