BEHRINGER P1 Powerplay Headphone Amplifier


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The Behringer's P1 is a high-power headphone output to ensure you can hear every element of your play. This audio accessories further comes with a built-in current limiter for unexpected peaks in signal level. It also helps you to protect your ears from the high volume of instrument amps and monitor wedges on stage. Even better, this P1 also features dual XLR inputs that allow for 2-channel, mono, or stereo operation, with a handy mix feature to allow you to connect two sources to the P1 and dial in exactly what you want to hear while performing.

  • Protect your ears with high-powered headphone output
  • Control over your monitor mix with dual XLR inputs, mono or stereo operation, and level and balance controls
  • The 9-volt battery with dual-LED capacity indications and a convenient belt clip keep you rocking on stage
  • For a permanent studio monitoring station, use with an optional power supply and attach on a regular mic stand

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