BEHRINGER STUDIO 50USB Studio Monitor with USB Input- Pair


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The Behringer's STUDIO 50USB is a passive speaker that features bi-amped with 150 watts, a long-throw, Kevlar-cone 5" woofer, and a 1" silk dome tweeter each controlled for maximum clarity. Thanks to Behringer's innovative waveguide technology, a pair of 50USB monitors provides a wide sweet spot and room-filling sound. These monitors also provide XLR and TRS inputs, as well as a USB connector for connecting directly to digital audio sources. They're also magnetically insulated, making this speaker suitable for near CRT monitoring.

  • Ultra-linear 2-way digital monitor speakers suitable for computer studios, audio and multimedia workstation
  • 4 amplifiers in the bi-amping mode for ultimate high-resolution sound
  • Digital power amplification of 150 watts
  • 1 with ultra-high resolution superior audio reproduction with a silk dome tweeter
  • 5 long-throw for maximum bass response, woofers with a deformation-resistant cone is used

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