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The Behringer's XENYX Q5202USB is a 5-input (1 mic/line, 2 stereo line), 2-bus analog mixer with a Xenyx mic preamp and compressor, a British-style 2-band EQ, and a USB audio interface. Its 2-track and USB inputs are assignable to the main mix or the phones output. On the output side, this Q502USB mixer gives you mains, plus headphones and 2-track outs, while the USB port lets you plug right into your computer for recording.

  • Analog mixer that is ultra-compact, low-noise, and has a lot of headroom
  • One Xenyx mic preamp that can compete with standalone preamps
  • Features of a compressor super-simple "one-knob" control and functionality
  • A stereo USB audio interface is built-in, allowing you to connect straight to your computer
  • Warm and melodious sound with a neo-classic "British" 2-band EQ
  • Outputs for the main mix, as well as phones 2-track outputs
  • 2-track and USB inputs that can be assigned to the main mix or the phone output
  • 150 instrument/effect plug-ins for audio recording, editing, and podcasting software

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