BEHRINGER XR18 Digital Mixer


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The Behringer's XR18 is an 18 input digital mixer, rack-mountable stage box unit with 16 gain-programmable Midas-designed microphone preamps and two hi-Z inputs. This Behringer’s renowned X32 effects rack and a 100-band Real Time Analyzer on all channel and bus EQs, an 18 x 18 USB interface, and integrated Wi-Fi which all in a convenient rackmount chassis. Just add mics, and you have everything you need to mix a live show and record pristine multitrack sessions straight to your DAW. The Behringer XR18 mixer gives you a whole new way to mix.

  • Wi-Fi module built-in Stage box/rack mount chassis that is easy to use
  • Rack ears and protection bumpers are included
  • Preamps created by Midas DSP with a 40-bit floating-point precision
  • Channel processing with all the bells and whistles
  • FX Rack is a collection of studio-quality effects
  • All channel and bus EQs have a 100-band RTA
  • Compatible with Ultranet Behringer's Personal Monitoring System
  • Preamps of the highest quality, an ultra-wide dynamic range, and more
  • Sound-mixing features
  • Four true-stereo multi-effects processors are included in the Virtual FX Rack
  • Recording is simple with the 18 x 18 USB interface

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