BEHRINGER ZMX2600 Professional Stereo 2 Input 6 Bus Zone Mixer


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The Behringer's ZMX600 is a powered mixer into 6 zones, allowing you to broadcast music and announcements to up to 6 separate rooms or locations. Level controls for stereo and mono sources are available for each line input, and each zone output channel has individual level controls for each input source. With a Stereo/Mono switch, you can combine both channels into mono mode. A five-segment LED meter on each zone channel keeps track of your levels. The Behringer ULTRAZONE ZMX2600 rack mount zone mixer is perfect for places of worship, restaurants, businesses, health clubs, and other venues.

  • Commercial sound systems and fixed installation applications benefit from an ultra-flexible and easy-to-use stereo zone mixer
  • For stereo or mono sources, there are two ultra-low noise line inputs with volume controls
  • Source 1 and 2 level controls are available on each of the six stereo zone output channels
  • Source internally, all 6 zone channels are routed to 1 and 2 input channels
  • Each zone's stereo/mono switch sums the left and right signals to create a mono signal
  • To indicate signal activity, separate 5-segment LED meters are used for each zone channel
  • With gold-plated XLR connections, servo-balanced inputs, and outputs

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