BEHRINGER'S AMP800 Headphone Amplifier


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The Behringer's AMP800 is a small, versatile device that can power up to 8 pairs of headphones and 2 distinct stereo mixes. This audio accessories are equipped with 4 completely separate stereo high-power amplifier sections, each with dual outputs. For convenient monitoring, you may utilize the phone's level control in conjunction with the precise 6-digit LED output meter. There are further 2 balanced stereo main inputs and balance settings for individual mixes, which are suitable for all 4 headphone amplifiers.

  • 4 channel headphone amplifier for serious monitoring
  • Individual-level adjustments are available on all four channels for tailored monitoring
  • 2 headphone outs on each channel, for a total of 8 outputs
  • Each channel has two input sources for configuring different monitor mixes
  • For more headphones, use the parallel link output to cascade to another headphone amp
  • Each channel has LED level indicators to keep your signals in control

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