ELECTRO VOICE ELX200 15 15" 1200W Passive Speaker

Electro Voice

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Speakers in the Electro Voice ELX200 series are designed to deliver greater functionality than their predecessors, in lighter-weight, ultra-portable form factors with an elegant design and an excellent build quality. Live performers, DJs, and production companies are suitable to use this ELX 200 series. Apart from that, ELX200 15 is a two-way passive subwoofer consisting of a strong, internally reinforced composite cabinet with an ergonomically sound three-handle design and M10 suspension points. Therefore, with the aid of your amplifier, the 15" woofer and high-performance tweeter will produce a superior balance of low-end power and high-end clarity to keep the crowd engaged throughout the entire set.
  • 5" woofer and high-performance tweeter for excellent low-end punch and high-end clarity
  • Lightweight, easy-to-carry passive speaker engineered for optimal performance
  • Works great as a stage monitor in tight performance spaces
  • The 3-handle design makes load-in and -out easier and helps prevent injuries

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