FOCUSRITE CLARETT 4PRE 18X8 Thunderbolt Interface


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Clarett 4Pre from Focusrite is a USB audio interface that can be seen as audio accessories with 18 analogue inputs and 8 digital outputs which enables the studio or the mobile recording setup to be a powerful platform for live and studio recording. Furthermore, it has everything the user needs to customize the setup and capture amazing sound in any environment. There can be up to two instruments, four microphones or eight line inputs, plus ADAT expansion, so the user has more than enough I/O to record their entire band.

  • Four Clarett mic pres, the finest we build into a USB audio interface, for capturing stunning-quality audio effortlessly
  • Air mode with impedance switching, for giving new colour to your mics and adding high-end detail
  • Class-leading 118dB dynamic range, for capturing and playing-back every detail of your sounds, recordings and mixes
  • ADAT expandability, for adapting your channel count to bigger recording sessions

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