FOCUSRITE iTRACK POCKET Audio Interface iPhone Video and Audio Recording Dock with Lightning Connector


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iTRACK POCKET from Focusrite is the simplest way to record your works onto your iphone whenever you want to. The only thing you have to do is just connect your phone, open the apps and hit the record button. Apart from that, the impact app will take care of all the mastering and editing for your works. No need to worry about the quality of your own iphone mic, this iTRACK POCKET will capture your performances with a high quality stereo microphone that has been fitted. Therefore, you just only need to get your idea down and sit somewhere without any background noise. Also, You are able to plug in your guitar into your phone as well, and use a dedicated input with powerful building AMP simulation.

  • Instant HD recording
  • Stereo Microphone for the singer-songwriters
  • Guitar input for your Iphone
  • Supremely portable and powered by Iphone
  • Officially for Iphone
  • Easily get maximum quality