JBL 104-BT 2x4.5" 60W Bluetooth Studio Monitor Computer Desktop Speaker Reference (104BT 104 BT)


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JBL's 104BT compact reference monitors with Bluetooth, the latest models in its 1 Series line, rely on seven decades of engineering excellence to deliver the most accurate and true sound in their class. A perfect portable reference, they're ideal for musicians, producers, podcasters and vloggers, as well as professional audio engineers who want an accurate portable reference. They are equipped with 4.5 " (118 mm) low-frequency drivers, a .75 " (19 mm) soft dome tweeter, a potent integrated 60 watt amplification, and an innovative acoustic design for producing clear and honest audio. Using Bluetooth streaming, you can check mixes over Bluetooth to ensure they sound great no matter what listening conditions you have. Design-wise, 104BT versions achieve a sleek, elegant aesthetic while having a compact size, creating stunning statements in any studio while conserving valuable workspace. Last but not least, the JBL 104-BT provides accurate, reliable sonic reference and a truly enjoyable listening experience for creative professionals, music lovers, and anyone seeking to stream both wired and wireless audio into high-quality studio monitors.

  • Coaxial 4.5-inch (118 mm) LF driver and .75-inch (19 mm) soft-dome HF driver delivers full-range fidelity
  • Reference mixes over Bluetooth with built-in Bluetooth 5.0 streaming
  • Integrated 60-watt Class D power amplifier; 30 watts distributed to each speaker Acoustically optimized for desktop placement
  • Molded ABS cabinet with contoured low-frequency port
  • Three sets of inputs allow connection with professional equipment, personal music players and consumer-level devices
  • Host monitor includes electronics for the extension monitor, minimizing wiring and clutter
  • Front-panel input control selects Bluetooth, Aux, RCA, TRS or combines all inputs Front-panel volume control
  • Front-panel headphone jack with speaker mute feature
  • Integrated power supply