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Bluetooth-enabled 4.5" Powered Studio Monitor speaker from JBL 1 Series 104. With its small form factor perfect for desktop workstations and portable monitoring, the JBL One Series 104 reference monitors were designed for home recordists, podcasters, and travelling engineers. Based on an innovative coaxial driver design and a contoured low-frequency port, One Series 104 monitors deliver a neutral and detailed sonic profile, and they faithfully reproduce frequencies from 60Hz to 20kHz —fantastic performance from monitors this size! In addition to having a 60-watt Class D amplifier, the One Series 104 can provide up to 104dB of maximum peak SPL without distortion. This powered speaker feature lets you hear the sound of your mixes at high playback volumes without being misled by colouration. Furthermore, the One Series 104s are Bluetooth 5.0 compatible, so they can stream mix reference tracks while tracking and mixing.

  • Three sets of inputs and built-in Bluetooth
  • Smart features
  • Loud and Clear
  • Acoustically optimized for desktop placement
  • An extension monitor is included with the host monitor, reducing clutter and wiring
  • Headphone jack with speaker mute and volume control on the front panel