Minkez CMD-18 18" Delegate Conference Microphone Unit


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  • A new digital design
  • Speech is indicated by a ring-shaped indicator light
  • Even without a windproof cotton cover, the specially designed microphone shield eliminates low-frequency "poop-poop" sound
  • Neither the microphone modes nor the number of speakers restricts the chairman
  • Regardless of its position in the loop, the chairman unit has full control priority. Installation and maintenance are convenient with hand-in-hand cascade connections
  • Featuring a reliable condenser microphone pole and a professional large heart-shaped condenser microphone core, the unit provides a high degree of sensitivity and intelligibility
  • The microphone's sensitivity can be adjusted
  • Units are powered by the host system at 24V safe voltage
  • 8-core cables connect the units in a T-shape
  • With two stereo 3.5mm output sockets, it can be used for earphones and for recording
  • Integrated speaker with volume control and feedback inhibition
  • It includes automatic video-tracking as well as discussion functions
This product features:
  • Model: CMD-18
  • Microphone Type: Heart-shaped projection electrets microphone
  • Frequency Response: 80Hz - 16KHz
  • SNR: 1KΩ
  • Dynamic Range: -46 dBV/Pa
  • Crosstalk: 100dB (THD > 3%)
  • THD: Greater than 80dB
  • Power Supply: Greater than 70dB
  • Audio Input: Greater than 80dB
  • Audio Output: Lesser than 0.1%
  • Output Load: 2W
  • Static Consumption: 8Ω to 32Ω
  • Output Consumption: Maximum 40mW
  • Connector: 3.5mm mono jack
  • Standards: IEC60914
  • Working Temperature: Built-in 1.8m aviation plug (8 cores)
  • Color: Black
  • Dimension (mm): 430 * 200 * 80
  • Weight: 0.86kg