Minkez MA-500V6Z 500W Digital Mixer Amplifier


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Minkez MA-500V6Z


  • Four microphone inputs can be processed independently, as well as two line inputs.
  • There are 6 channels of partition output, and the volume of each partition can be controlled independently.
  • Alarm generator with built-in chime, with options for four and two tones.
  • Playback of MP3 files is supported on USB, SD, Bluetooth, and FM Radio devices. Supports power off memory, MIC recording, and MP3 remote control.
  • The alarm generator will automatically close the background music and open the six partition outputs at maximum volume when it starts.
  • Built-in 24V DC power supply.
  • Mics 1 to 4 are equipped with phantom power supplies, and the switch can be controlled independently.
  • A volume control and tone control are independent of each other on the audio input.
  • The roof contains a variety of indicators (signal, LED indicator protection).
  • Using the fan forcible cooling structure, which allows the machine to work for a long time with long life.

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