MINKEZ MB-58A Dynamic Vocal Karaoke Singing Recording Instrument Cardioid Mic Microphone


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MINKEZ MB-58A Dynamic Vocal Wired Cardioid Microphone. Apart from that, it is a professional Wired Dynamic Microphone, ideal for Onstage Handheld applications and environments, ideal for wide range applications. The Minkez MB-58A is a handheld dynamic microphone. By offering a cardioid polar pattern, it helps minimize feedback onstage and off-axis pickup.

  • Smooth mid-frequency presence with dynamic voice microphone.
  • The high output of your voice allows you to cut through.
  • In it, the cardioid polar pattern minimizes background noise and feedback on stage.
  • The integrated spherical wind- and pop-noise filter.
  • The capsule is different from the MV-58.