MINKEZ MCG-102 Guitar Link to USB Interface for Recording And Jamming Same Function as Behringer UCG-102 UCG102


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Popular music is not complete without the guitar. However, you need to record in order to be heard. With the MCG-102, you can directly access pop's past, present, and future. It has compatible with PC and Mac operating systems and utilizes an ultra-low latency ASIO driver, so nothing gets in the way of you. With the stereo headphone output, you can jam along with your tracks without bothering your neighbors, or hook up a pair of active monitors, and let your friends join in.

  • Simply connect your favorite guitar to your PC or Mac and you will be able to record and amplified without any other hardware
  • Working directly with your Mac or PC computer - ultra-low latency
  • This feature makes it possible for you to jam with your computer while also monitoring with active monitor speakers
  • No external power source is required as it is powered via USB