MINKEZ MIC RING Durable & Colorful Microphone Ring (Color Randomly)


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The Minkez's MIC RING is a popular audio accessories due to its reputation as one of the most cost-effective and high-quality mic rings available. It has been praised for its high quality and longevity. Minkez keeps a close eye on the fundamentals when it comes to audio adapter design on top of your audio experiences!

  • Thick and durable rubber: Has high flexibility and shrinkage, making it easy to install on the microphone
  • Suitable for most conventional handheld microphones, but not for headset microphones
  • Wide range of applications: KTV, dance ball, conference room, news interviews, stage performance, and other venues
  • These microphone rings are clean and sanitary, allowing you to use the mic in a relaxed and comfortable manner
  • Color will be chosen at random and sent out

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