MINKEZ PB-65CMW 43-65CM Ceiling & Wall Mount Projector Bracket


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The Minkez's PB-65CMW is a popular audio accessories due to its reputation as one of the most cost-effective and high-quality projector brackets available. It has been praised for its high quality and longevity. Minkez keeps a close eye on the fundamentals when it comes to audio adapter design on top of your audio experiences!

  • Height: 43 to 65cm
  • The mount with a versatile mounting technique that can be used with nearly any projector type and can be attached to nearly any ceiling
  • Four double-jointed support arms on the mounting interface allow for flexible positioning to reach practically any projector mounting location
  • Steel structure for maximum load 20kg and 15 degrees left and right rotation adjustment
  • The projector can now be positioned at a variable height from the ceiling
  • The projector mount can be hung on the wall or suspended from the ceiling
  • Exclusive "no-slip" adjustment system for locking in any position

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