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Providing everything you need to get started recording and mixing music on your Mac, PC, or iPad, the Presonus's AudioBox iTwo Studio bundle is a complete production solution. It features outputs for studio monitors as well as MIDI I/O for controllers and keyboards, making it the perfect choice for mixing microphones, instrument microphones, or line-level sources. Besides, using the included M7 condenser microphone will produce high-quality vocal and instrument recordings. Apart from that, the PreSonus AudioBox iTwo Studio comes with Studio One Artist DAW software and the Capture Duo iPad recording app.

  • Interfaces and software for high-quality recording
  • With Studio One Artist DAW software, you can record and mix everything you need
  • Fully integrated with the Capture Duo iPad app
  • The best microphone preamps are low-noise and have high headroom for recording vocals and instruments
  • This condenser microphone (including a mic cable) allows you to capture vocals and instruments
  • Studio One Artist offers you a complete recording and mixing solution included in the bundle
  • The Capture Duo iPad app makes it simple to record and transfer projects to Studio One Artist
  • The device is completely portable and does not require a power supply