Pro SoundBar PSB-1


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The JBL Pro SoundBar PSB-1 is specifically designed for use in hotels and cruise ships because it is a cost-effective, commercial-grade active soundbar. As a result of its optimized feature set specifically designed for these applications, the Pro SoundBar provides excellent sound quality, security, and reliability at a lower cost and complexity than consumer-grade soundbars. Pro SoundBar's all-in-one design provides full-range sound without the need for a separate subwoofer, resulting in superb audio quality while minimizing sound transfer to adjacent rooms. In addition, the Pro SoundBar features a 4-position volume limiting switch for controlling the maximum sound output of the soundbar. For optimal TV compatibility, the Pro SoundBar has both fixed and variable source volumes. A lockout plate can be placed over the volume switch and source volume selection so that it cannot be tampered with by anyone other than the support staff.

  • Clarity at every level
  • Speakers facing the front
  • Materials of the highest quality
  • Easy to use and flexible