PROEL DMH8XL 8 Pieces Drum Instrument Microphone Set with Case


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DMH8XL drum kit from Proel Includes:
  • 1 x DM12
  • 4 x DM1
  • 3 x CM602
  • 4 x Microphone Holder
  • 1 x ABS carrying case

Bass drums, guitar cabs, tubas, and other instruments with low-frequency sound can be recorded using the DM12's rugged super-cardioid design.
  • Polar pattern super-cardioid
  • Response time is fast during transient events
  • Enhanced low-frequency transmission
  • Shock mount inside the handle reduces handling noise
  • Constructions made of durable metal
  • Mesh grille made of hardened steel

In addition to being a dynamic drum microphone, the DM1 is designed especially for percussion, snares, and toms. Using a cardioid pattern, the sound can be reproduced accurately and background noise can be avoided.
  • Cardioid polarity
  • Instrument and drum frequency response
  • Before feedback, high gain
  • Reduced handling noise with the internal shock mount
  • The compact design reduces stage clutter
  • Mesh grille made of hardened steel

In terms of application, the CM602 is a cardioid back electret microphone that is particularly useful as an overhead mic for drums, percussion, woodwind instruments, guitars, and brass instruments.

  • Capsules permanently polarized
  • Cardiac polar pattern
  • Lightweight and rugged construction
  • On stage, close miking requires a high SPL