PROEL LT10A 10" 600W Powered Active Speaker


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In its LITE series, PROEL offers a variety of active and passive speaker systems with plywood cabinets that deliver the signature PROEL sound and a high level of performance at an affordable price. Besides, in order to make the cabinets, we have used plywood which is a lightweight and very durable material, making moving and installing them very quick and easy. Steel grilles are protected by anti-scratch paint and steel grilles with an internal foam layer, so the product will last for many years to come. Due to the dual-angle pole holders available in 8", 10", 12" and 15" models, an audience can be more uniformly covered. To cover large audiences and deliver detailed responses with low distortion, we designed wide-dispersion horns for the LITE Series. With its high excursion woofers and carefully tuned vented cabinets, it provides a deep and tight bass response.

Furthermore, there are 6 models in the LITE series, ranging from 6.5" to dual 15" woofers, as well as 1 satellite + subwoofer system. Also, active models use extremely lightweight power modules equipped with the latest amplification technologies, such as a Switch Mode Power Supply and CLASS D power amplifiers, which combine to provide massive output with minimal weight. The power modules are housed in fully-sealed die-cast aluminium casings that provide protection, perfect insulation from the outside, and extremely efficient cooling. Modules feature a sophisticated preamp section with phase-aligned crossover filters and active EQ filters for fine-tuning the system. Having a DUAL LIMITER circuit ensures a clear sound even when cranked to the loudest level and complete protection of the loudspeakers.

In addition to LT loudspeaker systems, SW subwoofers are also available in 5 models and are designed to provide the perfect low-frequency extension to each of the series' models.

  • 1” compression driver with 1” VC on a constant coverage 90° x 60° horn
  • 10” woofer with 2” VC
  • 600 W peak power
  • 50 W continuous class AB amplifier for the high frequencies
  • 250 W continuous class D amplifier for the low frequencies
  • Switch Mode Power Supply (SMPS)
  • LINE/MIC input
  • SPL MAX 123 dB
  • Frequency response 60 Hz - 20 kHz
  • Lightweight plywood cabinet
  • 1 rear handle
  • 4 x M10 flying points