PROEL MQ10FX Compact 10 Channels Audio Mixer with FX


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In a very compact and stylish package, Proel's MQ mixers offer high input density, a full set of features, and premium audio performance. Furthermore, MQ mixers are inexpensive. The MQ series includes five models, each of which offers 6, 10, 12 and 16 inputs, making them suitable for a wide range of sound reinforcement applications. Besides being designed and engineered by PROEL R&D, MQ mixers come in ultra-rugged cases for greater durability and stage safety.

The MQ10FX offers 3-band EQ, one-knob COMPRESSORS, along with 100 DSP presets with a convenient LED display for the selection.

  • Two MONO MIC/LINE inputs, two STEREO MIC/LINE inputs and two STEREO LINE inputs
  • There are four low-noise, high-headroom microphone preamplifiers
  • The power of PHANTOM
  • A 'one-knob' COMPRESSOR with a LED indicator on MONO channels
  • A 3-band EQ and a LO-CUT filter
  • ONE EFFECT send
  • Studio-quality 24bit digital effect with 100 presets and a footswitch muted mode
  • The main MIX outputs are electrically balanced with XLR-M and JACK connectors
  • The two 8-LED VU-METERS
  • Metal chassis and stage-proof construction
  • With 100 DSP presets in Italian engineering, PROELfers offers a convenient LED display to allow the selection