PROEL MQ6FX Compact 6 Channels Audio Mixer with FX


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In a very compact and stylish package, Proel's MQ mixers offer high input density, a full set of features, and premium audio performance. Furthermore, MQ mixers are inexpensive. The MQ series includes five models, each of which offers 6, 10, 12 and 16 inputs, making them suitable for a wide range of sound reinforcement applications. Besides being designed and engineered by PROEL R&D, MQ mixers come in ultra-rugged cases for greater durability and stage safety. In the MQ6 and MQ6FX series, the smallest console models, the MQ6 and MQ6FX deliver the performance of professional consoles, but in an ultra-compact package. Even though it is a small unit, the MQ6FX is equipped with a 24-bit DSP that can deliver high-quality effects to musicians. In addition to 16 inputs and 12 microphone channels, the MQ16USB features one-knob intelligent COMPRESSORS on mono channels, 4 aux sends STEREO GROUP bus, 60mm fader control, and a highly acclaimed superior user experience. For select models, padded carrying bags and metal brackets for 19" rack mounting are available.

  • Mixer with 6-inputs and 2-buses, ultra-compact
  • There are four mono MIC/LINE inputs, two-band EQ, and a LO-CUT filter as well as the Phantom power
  • The microphone preamplifiers have low noise and a lot of headroom
  • There are two stereo line inputs
  • 1 EFFECT send
  • 24bit studio-grade digital effect with 16 presets
  • HEADPHONES output
  • Electronically balanced MAIN MIX outputs with XLR-M and ¼” JACK connectors
  • Stage-proof construction and ultra-rugged metal chassis
  • Designed and engineered in Italy by PROEL