PROEL WD12AV2 12" 700W Powered Active Floor Monitor Speaker


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WEDGE Series PROEL has set a new standard for affordable, road-proof stage monitors that are able to provide a highly valuable sound monitoring solution while offering high sound quality and excellent sound intelligibility in a small, portable package. WD12AV2 and WD15AV2, 2 of these very successful series represent a major step forward, with several design enhancements and new features. Our lightweight CLASS D amplifier modules with SMPS have been completely redesigned in order to provide the highest reliability and even when operating at the highest sound pressure levels. With sophisticated analogue processing, they provide a very detailed response, especially in the vocal range, as well as remarkable resistance to feedback. The speaker comes with two customized EQ PRESETS that can be used for stage monitoring (MONITOR), as well as FOH (Main Sound System).

  • Stage monitor with a 2-way coaxial connection
  • A 1" compression driver with a 1.35" VC
  • A 12" woofer with a 2.5" VC
  • Total power: 350 W (peak power: 700 W)
  • Power module with SMPS, 300 W class D + 50 W class AB
  • Circuit with dual LIMITERS
  • Monitor and FOH (Front-of-House) EQ presets
  • 124 dB SPL MAX
  • 50 Hz - 20 kHz frequency response
  • With durability-enhancing polyurethane paint, this plywood cabinet has a low profile and is lightweight
  • Dust-protecting reinforced metal grille
  • Added protection by recessing the connection panel
  • There are two recessed handles for easy transportation
  • Plug for pole