RODE NT55 MULTI PATTERN 1/2" Compact Condenser Microphones


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The Rode's NT55 MULTI PATTERN like the NT5, is a true condenser microphone with a narrow diaphragm, also known as a 'pencil mic.' The NT55 features with interchangeable NT45-O omnidirectional capsule, as well as a three-position pad (0, -10dB, -20dB) and a three-stage high pass filter (Off, 75Hz, 150Hz). The tiny externally polarised mic uses a 1/2" capsule, an active J-FET impedance converter, and a bipolar output buffer to capture acoustic instruments, drum overheads, cymbals, and live performances. Its precise cardioid pickup pattern further makes it excellent for use on a mic stand or boom as an indoor discussion microphone for filmmaking. Even better, this microphone is offered as a single microphone or as an acoustically matched pair, with a robust satin nickel finish.

  • Cardioid or Omni polar pattern utilizing included interchangeable capsules
  • Externally biassed condenser
  • 1/2" gold-sputtered capsule
  • PAD with three positions - 0dB, -10dB, and -20dB are the decibel levels
  • High-Pass with three positions Flat, 75Hz, and 150Hz filters
  • Low noise surface-mount circuits
  • Available as Certified Matched Pair
  • A 10-year extended warranty

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