RODE NT6 Compact Condenser Microphone


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The Rode's NT6 condenser microphone is a professional general-purpose condenser microphone with flexible placement that makes it a good choice for instrument capture in recording and sound reinforcement applications. Rode engineers used the success of the acclaimed NT5 to include its cardioid capsule into the NT6's tiny form. The NT6 has a detachable microphone head (capsule), as well as a separate body (output stage). These two components are connected by a 10' Kevlar-reinforced wire, which allows for flexible microphone attachment and placement. The cardioid polar pattern on the NT6 effectively reduces noise from off-axis ambient sounds and feedback. A -10 dB Pad switch adds headroom, further enable for the capturing of extremely loud signals like brass and percussion without noise or distortion. Even better, low-frequency noise and rumble below 80 Hz are eliminated via a low-frequency roll-off switch.

  • 10' Kevlar-reinforced microphone cable joins the miniature capsule and output stage
  • Below 80 Hz, a low-frequency roll-off switch minimises noise and vibration
  • The two-position swivel mount allows the capsule to pivot both horizontally and vertically for precise positioning
  • Two thread adapters (1/4" to 5/8" and 1/4" to 3/8") are also included, allowing for installation to nearly any microphone stand
  • Off-axis audio is effectively suppressed by the cardioid polar pattern, which reduces residual noise caused by ambiance and feedback

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