RODE NTG-3 RF-Bias Shotgun Microphone (Satin Nickel)


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The Rode's NTG-3 is a condenser microphone that is intended for professional use in cinema, television, electronic news gathering, and other applications requiring high-resolution broadcast audio. The NTG-3 played as a premier directional microphone, featuring superior audio quality, a rich, warm tone, and wide frequency response. Its RF bias technology makes it nearly impervious to moisture, making it the only option for recording in humid situations. This microphone is made of solid brass and comes in two finishes: anti-glare nickel plating (NTG3A) or matte black (NTG3B). Remarkably, it is extremely durable while being lightweight. The NTG-3 is further captured clearly every time, whether it's on-camera or on a boom pole. The NTG-3 comes with a tough aluminum storage cylinder to keep it safe while it's being stored and transported. Even better, this cylinder is waterproof, with tight seals on both ends.

  • Designed to resist harsh weather conditions
  • Low self-noise 
  • High radio frequency interference immunity 
  • Authentic condenser (external RF biased)
  • Exceptional sensitivity
  • Sound quality for broadcast is superior
  • Australia manufactured
  • Included a water-resistant aluminum storage cylinder, a windshield, a zipper pouch, and a microphone clip
  • Phantom power of +48V is required

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