RODE NTG-8 Moisture Resistant Long Shotgun Microphone


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The Rode's NTG-8 is a moisture-resistant shotgun microphone that features the same award-winning technology as the NTG3 but with a larger body and more concentrated directionality across the frequency range. This condenser microphone has several professional features such as ultra-low-noise circuitry, improved immunity to radio-frequency interference, and reduced handling noise decreases the need for postproduction audio repair and restoration. Its switch- and dial-free design allows you to rapidly set up and concentrate on the sound rather than fumbling with different mic settings. Even better, it is designed with ultra-high sensitivity enables it to provide strong output levels without the use of excessive gain at the mic preamp. Because of its lengthy interference tube, the NTG8 further produces naturally on- and off-axis sound. The modest rise in high frequencies and the rumble-reducing reduction of low bass frequencies also add to the clarity.

  • Superior broadcast sound quality
  • High sensitivity
  • Super-cardioid polar pattern
  • Highly directional polar response
  • Natural sounding audio both on and off-axis
  • Designed to withstand adverse environmental conditions
  • Extremely low handling noise
  • High level of immunity to radio frequency interference
  • True condenser (external RF biased)
  • Includes weatherproof aluminum cylinder for transport, SM8 shock mount, and windshield
  • A 10 year extended warranty

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