RODE PINMIC Discreet Pin-through Lapel Microphone


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The Rode's PINMIC is a covert lavalier/lapel microphone with an unusual pin-through design that not only makes it easier to conceal than a typical lapel microphone but also gives you more mounting options. This condenser microphone is made up of a cabled backplate and a removable omni-directional capsule head that can be readily attached to any clothing or fabric by simply putting the backplate pins through the fabric's back and sliding the capsule into place on the front. The backplate and cord of the microphone are concealed below the fabric, and the capsule head can also be readily disguised, covered, or embellished to further conceal the microphone. It is small, measuring only 9mm deep and 11mm in diameter, and comes with a black and an unpainted silver mesh head that may be painted to blend in further.

  • Removable mesh head
  • Ultra discreet appearance
  • Intuitive and subtle
  • Omni-directional polar pattern
  • High quality performance
  • Lightweight and easy to position
  • Noise reduction low handling
  • Noise miniature microphone capsule
  • Compatibility with all devices
  • The RODE Micon interconnectivity solution integrates seamlessly with a variety of wireless technologies
  • Mini-furry, anti-trauma case, spare capsule, and PinMic tool kit are all included
  • When you register your microphone, you get a five-year extended warranty

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