SHURE MOTIV MV88 + DIG-VIDKIT Video Kit Digital Stereo Microphone and Accessories for Smartphones (MV88+DIG-VIDKIT)


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The Shure's MOTIV MV88 + DIG-VIDKIT aims at taking video making and video conferencing on your iOS or Android phone to the next level, with a host of powerful microphone features. The kit is centered around the MV88+ condenser microphone, specifically engineered to deliver Shure's broadcast-quality sound to your phone, and adds all the accessories needed to create a portable and versatile audio/video rig that is self-contained and easy to use. Whether reporting from the field, collaborating on a video-conference call, streaming on Facebook Live, shooting a documentary, recording your vlog, or capturing a musical performance, the kit delivers great-sounding video—wherever the action is.

  • A stereo condenser microphone that plugs into your iPhone or iPad
  • Flexible setups are possible with the use of multiple microphone capsules
  • With real figure-8 and mid-side settings, you can record in varied mono or stereo patterns
  • The mic can be easily positioned with the 90-degree hinge, which is especially useful for video recording
  • Your device receives clean 24-bit/48kHz digital audio via a lightning connection
  • From your iOS device, change the stereo width, EQ, dynamics, and gain settings
  • This microphone's all-metal construction makes it suitable for field use
  • A windscreen, a headphone adaptor cable, and a zippered carrying case are included
  • Phone clamp, tripod, shoe-mount mic clip, and USB-C and lightning cords are all included

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