SHURE SM86 Microphone


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The Shure's SM86 is a condenser microphone designed for sound reinforcement and recording. Because the cardioid pattern effectively reduces ambient, off-axis noise, it's a good choice for usage near stage monitors, loud instruments, and so on. The condenser element requires 11 to 52 volts of DC phantom power and has a far higher sensitivity than a dynamic microphone. Higher output levels, frequency response, and dynamic range are provided by condenser elements, resulting in studio-quality sound. An interior windscreen decreases noise caused by wind and breath sounds, while a built-in 3-stage shock-mount can lessen handling noise. Even better, it has a tough metal construction that can withstand the demands of touring and everyday use.

  • For studio-quality sound, use a condenser cartridge
  • Vocals are reproduced well thanks to a frequency response that is tailored to them
  • The sturdy structure stands up to the demands of traveling sound
  • The cardioid polar pattern reduces background noise
  • For stage monitors and personal monitors, this is an excellent choice
  • A three-point shock mount is included in to reduce handling noise
  • Wind and breath noise is reduced with a two-stage "pop" filter

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