ZOOM F8N Field Recorders


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The Zoom's F8N is an audio accessories outfitted with Advanced Look-Ahead Hybrid Limiters, which provide overload protection regardless of anything that comes your way. Limiters "look ahead," anticipating clipping before it's recorded, by adding a 1-millisecond delay. Limiting is applied to all eight channels at full resolution at the same time, with 10 to 20 dB of headroom to assure flawless audio on every take.

  • Record all eight input sources as well as a stereo mix
  • 8 phantom-powered mic preamps with a gain of 75dB
  • Limiting, delay, highpass processing, and other features are available onboard
  • Dual SD card recording ensures immediate backup security
  • For usage with professional installations, full time-code support is included
  • All conventional drop frame and non-drop formats are included
  • I/O for time coding through globally compatible BNC connectors
  • A camera-mount adapter makes tripod rigging easier
  • Choose from three power options for optimal versatility
  • Add Zoom microphone capsules for on-camera use
  • LCD display and LED meters are examples of comprehensive metering choices
  • Using the iOS app, you can access additional functionality like metering

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