ZOOM IQ6 Stereo X/Y Microphone for iOS Devices with Lightning Connector


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The Zoom's IQ6 is a microphone for you to add amazing stereo recording capabilities to your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch. This microphone combination is the same as Zoom's famous H4n Handy Recorder, including a high-quality condenser microphone and versatile 90-/120-degree XY stereo recording. It's now ready to connect to the lightning connector on your device. Even better, you can utilize them with any iOS recording app with the Zoom iQ6!

  • Stereo XY microphone with lighting connection for iOS devices
  • The same high-quality condenser microphones as the famous H4n Handy Recorder are used
  • Switchable 90-/120-degree mic angles allow you to fine-tune your stereo imaging
  • Controls for input gain and headphone output level are separate

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