ZOOM IQ7 Professional Stereo Microphone


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The Zoom's IQ7 spinning mid-side stereo condenser microphone captures detailed, lifelike mid-side recordings on your iOS device. Connect it to your iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch through the lightning connector, and you're ready to record great audio in your favorite recording apps. Musicians are amazed by the wide stereo vision and crisp sound, as well as the fact that this microphone can handle high SPLs of up to 120dB without clipping. When you take into account the rotating capsule for accurate positioning, it's evident that the Zoom IQ7 is ready to transform your iOS device into a formidable field recorder.

  • Rotating mid-side microphone capsule with Lightning connector for iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch
  • With your chosen recording app, you may capture wide, rich stereo recordings anywhere
  • High SPLs (up to 120dB) are supported
  • Use the stereo small jack to monitor your recording
  • You can choose between 16-bit/44.1kHz and 16-bit/48kHz resolution

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