ZOOM UAC-8 Audio Interface


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The Zoom's UAC-8 is an USB 3.0 audio accessories to meet your demands if you're seeking for minimal latency and enough channels to properly record your entire band or multitrack drumming. The UAC-8 adds substantial multitrack recording capabilities and more to your studio setup, with eight of Zoom's top-quality mic pres, a full complement of analogue I/O, and MIDI connectivity. Zoom's MixEfx software further enhances your recording capability behind the scenes, giving you quick access to essential parameters and onboard effects processing. We highly suggest the Zoom UAC-8 for abundant connectivity and fast, low-latency performance.

  • USB 3.0 audio interface with 18 inputs and 20 outputs
  • Audio MIDI I/O with extremely low latency
  • Allows to use MIDI control surfaces and sequence external hardware
  • You can use the UAC-8 MixEfx application to add reverb and delay effects to inputs and outputs
  • To run your favourite condenser mics, you'll need phantom power
  • Eight XLR/TRS combo input connectors for mic and line sources, sufficient for your entire band
  • LED metres to monitor input and output levels
  • The all-metal construction is suited for field use

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