AKG D5S Handheld Supercardioid Dynamic Microphone with On/Off Switch


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AKG's D5S is a supercardioid dynamic microphone designed for accurate recording of vocals and instruments in clubs, concert halls, and houses of worship. Additionally, it can deliver powerful lead and background vocals, even on the noisiest stage. Its frequency-independent supercardioid polar pattern ensures maximum gain before feedback. Also, the dual shock mount eliminates any kind of mechanical noise for trouble-free live use, therefore, people will hear your voice clearly! A noiseless on/off switch is built into the D5S, which has the same mechanical, electrical, and acoustic characteristics as the D5.

This Dynamic Microphone includes a microphone clip and a zippered pouch. 

  • Supercardioid Polar Pattern
  • High feedback suppression
  • Dual-shock capsule mount
  • Noiseless On/Off switch
  • Spring-steel, Wire-Mesh Grille

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