AKG P170 High-Performance Instrument Microphone


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An amazing value for a quality, high-performance, and reliable small-diaphragm condenser mic from AKG. It is a condenser microphone for recording percussions, acoustic guitars and perhaps most typically, drum set from the overhead position. Easily paired with stereo miking applications, the P170 works great for everything. With its incredibly clear, accurate sound and durable construction, this cardioid microphone is a perfect addition to any mic locker. Also, it is a lightweight 1/2" true condenser transducer diaphragm that delivers outstanding clarity and transient response. Lastly, AKG's P170 is an affordable alternative to the revered 'pencil' microphones. They are often purchased in pairs for overhead applications.

  • Professional small-diaphragm, true condenser cardioid microphone
  • Switchable 20dB pre-attenuation pad
  • Heavy-duty, roadworthy, all-metal construction
  • AKG sound quality
  • Cardioid Polar pattern

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