AKG P2 High-Performance Dynamic Bass Microphone


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If you're looking for a microphone that will capture both transient details and full-bodied sound from low-pitched instruments, try the P2 dynamic microphone from AKG. Featuring a profound and high-energy, low end, the perception P2 dynamic bass mic is ideal for kick drums, trombones, and bass amplifiers. Because of its cardioid polar pattern, this microphone reduces feedback and crosstalk caused by surrounding instruments. Besides, it comes with a rugged, all-metal case to withstand tough road conditions. The microphone comes with an integrated stand adapter to make it very convenient to use. Additionally, a carrying case is included with the package for safe transportation and storage.

  • Dynamic microphone designed for low-pitched instruments
  • Powerful sound with a great bass range
  • Integrated stand adapter Rugged all-metal body withstands typical tough stage use
  • It comes with a carrying case

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